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26 Mar

Upcycle an entomology cabinet

You may have clocked our tutorial for making your own curiosity cabinet filled with hand-sewn moths and beetles in issue 1. Here’s how we went about making our cabinet.

Have you seen issue 1 of Crafty? If you have, then you’ll know we’ve got a brilliant tutorial showing you how to upcycle lots of creepy crawlies out of old fabric to make a very original wall display. Well, now we’re continuing the upcycling theme by showing you how to make the cabinet to keep them in.

It’s really easy and very cheap – plus you get to go and do one of our very favourite things: charity shopping!


2 old picture frames, one bigger than the other
white paint & paintbrush
2 small hinges
parcel tape

How to

1 Take the glass out of your frames and remove the hooks from the back of the bigger frame, then coat both with one or two coats of paint.
2 Once dry, position the smaller frame over the bigger one and mark where you want your hinges to go with a pencil.
3 Put your hinges in place on the bigger of the two frames, then drill your screws through one side of the hinges.
4 Line your smaller frame up with the hinges, then drill your screws in.
5 Cut your cardboard to size, then stick to the back of the bigger frame with parcel tape. Reattach the hooks to the back.
6 Put your glass back in the smaller frame, add your moths and beetles, then hang in pride of place on your living room wall.

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