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03 Apr

How to make a cosmic cabinet

We had such a great chat with Graffiti Life in issue 1 of Crafty that we couldn't wait to do some spray-painting. Here's how to make an intergalactic cabinet.

Have you read Hugh Metcalf's interview with the amazing Graffiti Life collective in issue 1 of Crafty? If you haven't had the pleasure yet, issue 1 is out on sale now so make sure you find yourself a copy! And if you have seen it, you'll know just how inspiring this group of people is, helping to rid graffiti of its bad-boy image and reveal it to be the master art form we all know it to be.

Hugh was so very inspired after chatting to founding member Iona Thomas that he rushed out immediately afterwards, stocked up on spray paint, picked up a battered old chest of drawers from a charity shop and proceeded to channel his inner Banksy. Here's his how to.


Spray paint: Hugh used Rustoleum Painter’s Touch in black gloss, purple gloss, berry pink gloss, deep blue gloss, white gloss and sun yellow gloss
Wood varnish

How to

1 Spray your base colour in a slightly larger area than your pan lid. I picked purple.

2 Layer over your secondary colour – I went for pink.

3 Layer white as the top layer.

4 Using a piece of newspaper or magazine page, dab the paint to create a dappled effect.

5 Like so.

6 Using black, spray half of the patch in a crescent shape.

7 Place your pan lid on the paint, ensuring there’s a good amount of the dappled colour and black underneath.

8 Spray around the pan lid using black.

9 Using white, mist speckles onto the black by spraying from a distance. For larger stars, spray the spraypaint onto the end of your fingers and flick onto the board.

10 When the paint has dried, remove the pan lid. And voila! Paint with a layer of varnish to minimise chipping of your masterpiece.

After creating the effect on the top of cabinet, we painted the drawer fronts and sides with a glossy off-white paint, let dry and then varnished. To cover the exposed edges, we used an iron-on edging tape (used largely for shelves), available in most big hardware stores. We also attached a set of four plastic knobs, which we picked up cheap and customised with the star effect used on the top of the cabinet.

If you’ve been inspired to pick up a can and get to work on a project, check out the Rustoleum website for a whole load of awesome home ideas for you to turn you talented hands to.

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