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17 Jul

How to make your own dinosaur pop-up book

Don't be put off by pop-up books, they're not as hard as they look. Here's how to make a simple yet effective Jurassic Park-esque one.

Some of our favourite books are pop-up books (have you ever read Raymond Briggs' Fungus & the Bogeyman pop-up? Well, you must!) and we've always wanted to make our own but have always thought it looked extremely difficult. Not so, it would appear!

We asked Laura Clempson of creative business Clara and Macy, who also made the fabulous Wind in the Willows-inspired finger puppets on the cover of issue 5 (out tomorrow! Eep!), to show us how to do it. In the magazine, we've got two tutorials for dinosaur pop-up success featuring our old favourites the T-Rex and the triceratops, and thought we'd spoil you rotten with a third.

This one reminds us ever so slightly of The Land Before Time (specifically the moment when Little Foot's mother gets munched by that dastardly Sharp Tooth), but we hope you have fun making it nonetheless. Enjoy!


thick paper

white card



double-sided tape


How to

1 Start by drawing your dinosaur designs onto the back of the thick paper, remembering to reverse the design.
2 Carefully cut out each dinosaur using a very sharp scalpel. You will also need to cut three of the rectangle step shapes.
3 Fold your piece of card in half and draw a line down the centre. Take one of the rectangle shapes and fold each tab so that the rectangle forms a 3D block shape. Glue one edge tab along the centre line of the card. Keep the block folded and glue the other tab down to the card. It’s a bit tricky to keep them straight, so take your time.
4 Build up the scene by repeating the process with the other two rectangle shapes, except rather than gluing them down to the centre line, glue them next to each other. The dinosaur shapes are attached in between each block. Ensure you glue the dinosaurs straight so they are at 90° to the card.
5 You can embellish the scene with straight pieces of card – perhaps a grass design attached to each end.
6 Wait until all the glue has dried and then test out your sharp-toothed pop-up.


Templates (blow up/shrink down to desired size)

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