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21 Jun

How to upcycle a suitcase into a chair

We've got a great tutorial from Dremel showing you how to upcycle an old suitcase into a chair - plus you can win £240 worth of Dremel goodies!

“I’ll pack my suitcase and take along a good book, a cosy blanket and a comfortable cushion” – these and a few other materials are all you need to transform an attractive vintage suitcase into a stylish easy chair in a veritable jiffy. Vintage suitcases are surprisingly easy to find and you can pick them up at jumble sales, flea markets, eBay and vintage shops, although you should definitely have a look in the old attic first.

Here's how to go about making a suitcase chair - and, thanks to the kind folks over at Dremel, we've got all the tools listed below that you need to do this project to give away so make sure you enter here if you want a chance to win.


Dremel® 8100 with drill bit 150
EZ SpeedClic metal cutting wheel SC456 
EZ SpeedClic mandrel SC402
Dremel® Moto-Saw
General purpose wood cutting saw blade MS51

An old suitcase

2 pieces of MDF board the size of the suitcase (18 mm thick)
2 pieces of MDF board (10 cm x 40 cm x 18 mm)
2 pieces of foam the size of the suitcase (5 cm thick)
12 wood screws (c. 4 x 45 mm)
Small nails or a tacking device
4 chair legs (4 mm x 45 mm)
Acrylic paint, spray-on adhesive, 4 buttons

How to

1 The first step is to measure the width and depth of the suitcase and have two sheets of 18 mm pine wood cut to size at the DIY store. Then draw the internal outline of the suitcase on the wooden board.

2 This is where the practical Dremel® Moto-Saw saw and general purpose wood cutting saw blade MS51 come in. You can use them to round off the corners of the wood easily and accurately so that it fits into the suitcase with ease. Now spray the sheets of wood with spray-on adhesive and stick pieces of foam to it.

3 Next, lay a fabric of your choice on top of the foam padding and fasten to the back with small nails or a tacking device.
Choose any fabric you like. However, it should be hardwearing or easy to clean.

4 To attach the upholstery buttons, screw two screws on top of suitable washers 20 cm apart in the middle of the wood, passing the screw through the textile covering and the foam padding. If parts of the screws protrude from the back of the wooden board, they can be removed with the Dremel® 8100 and the EZ SpeedClic metal cutting wheel SC456

5 Now, as a guide mark two points on the pine wood boards, which are approx. 10 cm x 40 cm x 18 mm in size. These are where the chair legs will be fixed. Predrill the holes by using the Dremel® 8100 and drill bits set 628. To give the easy chair a touch of elegance, paint the chair legs with acrylic paint in a colour that goes best with your fabric and suitcase.

6 To fasten the chair legs, lay the two prepared sheets of wood in the suitcase. Then fasten the chair legs to the suitcase, passing the screws through the wood and the suitcase. No lay the upholstered sheets in the suitcase and screw a screw through suitcase and board to fix the upholstery. Your stylish easy chair is now ready for you to spend some relaxing hours.

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