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28 Mar

Vintage cameras with Stephanie de Geus

Vintage camera collector Stephanie de Geus is here to show off the snaps she takes on her various cameras. Don't miss our interview with her in issue 1, out in shops right now!

If you've bought yourself a copy of issue 1, hitting shop shelves TODAY!, then you'll have seen our marvellous article on vintage cameras, where we chat to Stephanie de Geus about the best places to buy them, how to look after them and which ones you should invest in first. Just in case you needed a bit more inspiration to start your own camera collection, we thought we'd show you some of the snaps Steph's been taking on hers. I think we can all agree that they're just absolutely beautiful!

And! If you subscribe to Crafty you get an amazing Diana F + so you can start snapping immediately. Don't forget to send us in copies of the photos you take... you may even see them in pride of place on this here blog. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your pictures!


The Agfa Click 2


"Shooting with the Agfa Click 2 was my first try with 120mm film. These two shots were really lucky as I walked through a church garden and saw this married couple posing for their wedding photos. I couldn't resist and took these photos. I love how the black and white adds to it."


The Agfa Isola 1


"When I bought this camera there was still some film inside. So I set off experimenting in the garden and this is what came out. Battered, old and grainy film with light leaks everywhere."


The Canon AE-1

"These two were on the first film I put in this camera. It was a lucky shot as it was getting dark and the swans stayed still long enough to let me get close and take it."



"You have to love a good sunset."

"Another lucky shot on a misty day, people sailing a little red boat on the pond."


"Morning light is the best, especially during autumn in a forest."

"One of my all time favourite shots. A basil plant in the morning sunshine."




The Diana F Plus (what you get if you subscribe to Crafty!)


"Shooting with 35mm in the Diana F+ (originally a 120mm camera but you can
order a special back to also shoot in 35mm) is tricky, but gives fun results."


"First time experimenting with the Diana F+: accidental triple exposures, textures and loads and loads of fun!"


The Fisheye






"I love these photos. It was cold and we were standing on ice. The fisheye camera gives it such a nice effect. Fisheye photos are my favourite when it comes to documenting something fun like this."


The Pentax ME Super


"A window in an old university building. The black and white effect makes it look like the photo was taken post-war."


"I just love swans, these lived right next to my old house and every year we could see their young growing up."

"This is a photo from a film that stayed in the camera for over seven years before picking it back up again. This is one of the photos I took when I was 17. You can see by the grainy look that the film was really old and dried out, yet I love this photo."

"Testing out my new 50mm lens. I love the field of depth and the composition – definitely one of my favourites."





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