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26 Jun

Behind the scenes at the Berylune Etsy Craft Party!

We find out how one craft business celebrated Etsy's Craft Party day on June 20th. Looks like it was lots of fun!

On June 20th, Etsy called on makers around the world to come together for one day and one day only of intense handmade celebrations, with lots of craft, cake and general merriment.

Lots of businesses arranged events in their local area so likeminded people could get together, take part in workshops and share the joy of making - including Leamington Spa-based shop Berylune, which hosted an evening of macrame, sewing, rubber stamp-carving, knitting and papercrafts at the Sozzled Sausage pub (great name!)

Here are a few snaps of the night. Doesn't it look jolly?

In all, 75 people came along to see what was on offer - and ended up having a great time. "We thoroughly enjoyed organising our craft party, as well as attending it! It felt magical to have so many lovely, like-minded people in one place, socialising and sharing skills. We’ll definitely be doing it again next year!" Emily Davies - who owns the shop with her sister, Amy - said.

And here are Emily's top three tips for throwing your own Etsy Craft Party:

1. If you’re charging entry to cover your costs, offer a substantial discount for booking in advance. Our advance booking fee was only a small saving on the door price, so many people turned up on the night that we weren’t expecting! Next time, we’ll offer them more motivation to book in advance - and book a bigger venue!

2. Keep your crafting activities simple. We had origami paper and instruction sheets in addition to the other projects on offer, but it quickly got abandoned as partygoers wanted to chat and socialise, which is difficult when you’re trying to concentrate on something tricky!

3. Have fun! It’s a party. Enthusiasm is infectious, so when all of the organising, marketing, baking and decorating is done, make sure you have time to relax and enjoy yourself!

Photo credit: Fiona Murray

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